Find Your Parenting Rhythm With Your Children

Reflective caregiving is a way of thinking that enables the understanding and communication of the inner worlds of children and their caregivers, creating a secure bond between children and their environments.

Our Story

The Duet Center at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was established out of a goal to create one inclusive space for research, education, and interventions focusing on children’s development and meaningful relationships. Our basic premise of thought is that children growing up in reflective communities, wherein their significant caregivers reflect on and talk about their inner worlds, will develop the capacities to trust others, understand themselves, and self-regulate. Our intervention programs have been developed based on research-based knowledge, while maintaining a close connection with the needs arising from clinical field work.

What Do We Do?


Studying Reflective Caregiving

At the Child Development and Family Relationships research lab, a variety of studies are conducted regularly to expand theoretical knowledge and therapeutic practice within the field of child development in normal populations, clinical populations, and stressful life situations.


Learning Reflective Caregiving

Training programs for therapists interested in refining and deepening their thought, understanding, and use of reflective language in their work with parents, children, and educational teams.


Reflective Parenting Programs

Reflective parenting intervention groups are aimed at improving and strengthening the parent-child bond, enhancing a parental sense of competence, helping the parent understand their child, and improving family life.

Duet In The Community

As professionals, psychologists, and researchers we have acquired a wide array of knowledge in child development, parenting and meaningful relationships. As part of our research studies, we have met with numerous parents and children over the years, and the time has come for us to share our knowledge with the community. Throughout the year, we will offer lectures for parents and caregivers that will be open to the public. The lectures will be given by leading professionals in the field.

Benefits of Reflective Intervention

  • Improvement in parents’ reflective capacities
  • Parents feel a higher sense of competence in their parenting
  • Decrease in parental stress levels
  • Decrease in child behavior problems
  • Decrease in children’s aggressive behaviors
  • Decrease in children’s attention problems