Duet for Parents

Parents Develop
Reflective Capacities

Parenting is one of those complex roles that we all learn on the go. 

No course teaches us how to be a parent.

While parenting brings with it wonderful feelings of love, joy, connection, and satisfaction; it also evokes feelings of loss of control, anger, frustration, and helplessness. We frequently act thoughtlessly (“on autopilot”), which often leaves us with feelings of remorse and guilt. To be able to behave more adaptively, we must stop and think: “What do I feel and think?”, “What underlies my child’s behavior?”, “What does he/she feel and think?”

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We believe that every parent and every child form an entire universe and that at different times throughout life we encounter different changes and developmental stages. Therefore, there is no single "magic" solution or course of action to be taken. We value the ability to understand oneself and one’s children, and only then to act. That is why in “Duet for Parents” we learn how to deal with different situations in various manners; how to stop, observe, think… and only then act. We believe that parents themselves are the experts that can come up with the best solutions for the various situations and conflicts they encounter; we are here to help you figure out ways to create those solutions in real-time, real-life situations.

For this reason we set up parent groups in which we invite participants to observe complex situations in daily life; learn about key issues such as dealing with anger, discipline, emergency situations, involvement through play, temperament, separation, self-regulation and child distress; practice the ability to stop, observe, and think about different coping approaches to different situations and finally responding in the best manner to the situation and the child.

Parenting Groups

Benefits of group meetings:

The group work increases participants’ emotional tank and thinking resources. During the sessions, parents learn how to observe different situations from various perspectives. Through the groups, participants realize that many parents face challenging situations in parenting; this creates a sense of alliance and partnership within the group, and reduces negative feelings and strengthens participants’ sense of efficacy and confidence in their parenting.

Past Group Sessions

In recent years, “Duet” has been operating dozens of parenting groups across the country.

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Future Group Sessions


Duet in the Community

A space for learning and thinking about parenting:

As mental health professionals, psychologists, and researchers we have gained an extensive body of knowledge in child development, parenting and significant relationships. As part of our research studies, we have met with numerous parents and children throughout the years; now, we would like to share our knowledge with the community. 

We are delighted to invite you to attend “Duet In The Community,” a space dedicated to learning and thinking on parenting, children, and everything in between. Over this coming year, we will hold lectures for parents at a fair price, open to the public, wherein we will present various issues related to parenting and raising children. The lectures will be given by leading professionals in the field.

Upcoming Lectures

29.10.19 Prof. Naama Atzaba-Poria, “Parenting and Children’s Self-esteem”

26.11.19 Dr. Gal Meiri, MD, “ADHD”

31.12.19 Dr. Ortal Slobodin, “Exploring Myself as a Parent”

28.1.20 Mr. Yehuda Bar Lev, “Screens, Media, and Babies”

25.2.20 Ms. Orit Zivan, “Difficulties in Sensory Regulation”

31.3.20 Dr. Idit Katz, “Parenting and Homework”

5.5.20 Dr. Noa Gueron-Sela, “Parents, Children, and the Media Between Them”

2.6.20 Dr. Florina Uzefovsky, “Early Development of Empathy”

30.6.20 Dr. Orit Alfi, “Positive Psychology in Parent-Child Relationship”