Our Values

Our vision is to create a “reflective community”; a community that observes, thinks, and communicates through meaningful relationships. We believe that observing and reflecting on the inner worlds of children and their caregivers, can set the foundation for the establishment of healthy bonds between children and the adults caring for them, as well as for children’s development. Raising children through reflective communication helps children develop their own reflective abilities, such that they can better understand themselves and their environment, and can better adapt in life.

Our Values


We believe that it is possible to create a world where children grow up with a sense of security. A child’s ability to trust those who are caring for them develops when the child’s needs are seen and met in a consistent manner.


The ability to hold the child in mind by supporting their feelings, processing them and mirroring them back in a way that suits their capabilities, is key for the child to have a sense of safety, support, and protection.

Bonds | Community

The ability to observe and think about oneself and others, while accordingly creating an intimate dialogue that connects people, forms the basis of community life.


In our daily lives, we encounter challenges and negative feelings that can lead to a decrease in one’s sense of competence and capability; we believe that children’s caregivers should be held, supported, and empowered as well.


The creation of one common reflective language within all of the circles surrounding the child helps children internalize this language, and learn it themselves. This promotes the child’s sense of self-understanding and improves their communication skills.

Mutual Influence

We believe that a reciprocal connection between research and clinical field interventions is vital for keeping them both up-to-date and relevant to the changing needs of parents and children.